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Recipe Exchange

Like eating out, only you do the cooking and it's cheaper.

Saving money through good food
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Welcome to the Recipe Exchange!

This community was created to help people share recipe ideas to help save money. This is not cheap_eats or poor_skills. Recipies involving a lot of ground beef or cream of mushroom soup will be scrutinized. If you like good (read: well prepared) cooking but don't want to spend the money to go out to a nice restaurant, this is the place for you. We focus on fresh, healthy ingredients which means good nutrition and all-around quality food. Low cost is great, but please avoid "cheap" food.

Many of us love going out to great restaurants, but understand that we could make the same thing at home for a quarter of the cost. Post your ideas here and spread them around so we can all enjoy what people are coming up with.


1. This is for recipes or cooking tips. Please keep posts on topic.
2. Any recipes involving ground beef, canned soup, or Minute Rice will be heavily scrutinized. Heavily. Scrutinized. Low cost is fine, but please do not post "cheap" recipes. Fast food is a good example of cheap. If you've cobbled a recipe together from whatever's lying around, it may well be cheap.
3. Please respect others and site a reference if a recipe is not your own.
4. Enjoy!

Feel free to post information about trying a recipe or ways you might improve a dish.